Do You Have Tax Debts?

You can reduce or eliminate tax owed to the IRS in a timely and cost effective way with the help of a tax debt relief professional.

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5 Ways To Pay Back Taxes Owed to the IRS

When a taxpayer fails to pay tax due to the IRS on time they owe back tax. There are 5 key strategies that can be used to pay back taxes owed to the IRS.

How To Negotiate Your Tax Debts

A tax settlement company can help you to negotiate a tax reduction plan with the IRS. The plan would aim to provide an affordable and manageable way of settling outstanding tax debts.

IRS Penalties & Interest

The IRS will issue penalties and interest charges on taxes owing. The charges are for failing to pay tax owed and in respect of tax due from a late tax filing.

Glossary of Tax Debt Terms

A glossary of key tax debt related terms including:


♦ Back Taxes

♦ Tax Levies

♦ Bank Levies

♦ Penalties

♦ Wage Garnishment

♦ Tax Liens

Articles & Features

How to Get Back Tax Relief

You can get some relief from back taxes owed by negotiating a reduction in tax debts with the IRS or an agreement to extend the duration to pay off the tax.


What are Wage Garnishments?

Find out about wage garnishment and how they can be used by the IRS to recover tax debts.


Offer In Compromise

Taxpayers who satisfy certain criteria may receive an offer in compromise or tax reduction from the IRS on their tax liability.