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Five Strategies For Paying Back Taxes


There are 5 key strategies that may offer back tax relief and getting out of tax debt.

1. Offer in Compromise


OIC involves an agreement with the IRS to reduce tax liability, so you can reach a tax debt settlement lower than you currently owe. You make your IRS tax debt payout in one lump sum or through a short term IRS tax payment plan.

2. Installment Agreement


The installment agreement program is a monthly tax debt plan for paying off the IRS.

3. Not currently collectible


Not currently collectible is a program where what tax debt you owe is deferred by the IRS by voluntarily agreement, who do not collect money for back tax debts for a year or more.

4. Partial payment installment agreement


Partial payment installment agreement is a long term payment plan where the IRS tax debt payout due is paid off at a reduced dollar amount.

5. Filing tax liability bankruptcy


Filing tax liability bankruptcy occurs under a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy petition. However filing bankruptcy will not erase IRS debt.
Using the appropriate strategy may result in a decrease in the IRS back tax debt.


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